5 Ways to Save Money on Household Utilities

Cost Cutting Tips - Utilities

We all know how much the cost of electricity, gas and water is increasing, yet many of us continue to consume the same amounts without counting the cost to our pocket or perhaps worse, the environment. Spending time thinking about what energy we need to use and how much we could save can make a great deal of difference to your budget each month even if you just make a few small changes.

1. Fix your energy costs

Register for a fixed gas & electricity tariff to ensure you get through the winter without any surprise fuel increases. Combination packages where both gas and electricity are supplied by the same company can also add to that saving.

2. Change your light bulbs

It’s an obvious one but replacing normal incandescent bulbs with energy saving bulbs translates into lower electricity costs. It’s amazing just how many people still use the old bulbs when they could be saving money now. Okay, so they cost a little more than normal bulbs but in some cases, they can last up to 40 times longer!

3. Invest in solar water heating panels

It doesn’t matter if you live in a country where the sun might not shine all the time, modern panels are designed to capture even the slightest of light and convert it to energy for heating hot water. The initial investment is the hardest part, but you will be immediately getting a return on that investment as soon as you turn on your tap.

4. Unplug

Unplug things when you are not using them. It’s surprising how much electricity is wasted on mobile phone chargers and televisions that are not being used but are still using electricity. Get into the habit of doing this at night before you go to bed and you’ll soon start to see a reduction in your electricity bills.

5. Invest in solar electricity panels

Although a long term investment, you will see a return almost immediately by being able to reduce your electricity costs and in some cases, selling back electricity to the power companies giving you an income you can use to offset your initial investment. You could even use that income to pay for some hot water solar panels.