5 Ways to Save Money When Travelling from A to B

Cost Cutting Tips - From A to B
Whether it’s work or pleasure, getting from A to B is the one of the more regular things we have to do, or rather, in today’s road traffic, try to do! The cost of fuel, the price of tickets and the number of road users seems to increase every day. But what if we could reduce that burden? A few simple alternatives, a re-think or just plain acknowledgement that we really should change our behaviour will do just that.

What you should be doing already….

1. Buying a weekly, monthly or even yearly travel card

You can typically save anything up to 40% on your travel costs by paying for your travel up front. If the time you travel isn’t that important, why not buy an off-peak travel card? You will save even more!

2. Get on your bike / Buy a cheap bike

Free and excellent for one’s figure, not to mention reducing the pollution in the air and reducing how much petrol you need to keep buying to justify those short journeys. Sure it might feel difficult the first time you ride a bike but before long the pounds will fall off your waist and into your pocket!

3. Walking for a change

It’s surprising how little we walk because we think our destination is too far away. We only assume that because we are so used to taking the car for every trip and before we know it, we take the car even for the shortest journey. If the prospect of walking doesn’t tempt you, think about this – people who walk for 20 minutes a day, on average, lose up to 300 calories doing so!

4. Make a pledge to only use the car when necessary and only for long journeys

Think about the journeys you make in the car and how much these smaller journeys are costing you in fuel. What extra mileage are these journeys adding to the general wear and tear of your car when you could be walking or cycling instead?

5. Car share with someone every alternate week

If you work, share the drive to work with a colleague or if no-one lives in your area, join a car-pool club. By car pooling on alternative days or weeks, you will almost half your fuel costs, reduce your mileage (important for car insurance!) and get to relax on the way to and from work.