Save money by using LED light bulbs

How to save money using LED light bulbs

There’s no doubt about it, Summer is almost gone and Autumn has lined up to take its place. Already the nights are drawing in and we are closing the curtains and blinds, switching on our lights and relaxing in front of the TV. But have you noticed how expensive your electricity bill is these days. […]

7 iPhone Apps to Help you Manage Your Money

Manage Your Money iPhone

Should you be one of the many millions of people around the world still feeling the pinch from the global economic downturn, then one of the best ways to live a more comfortable life financially is to see what can be done to manage your money better. So if you own an iPhone mobile, and […]

How to Save Money on Fashion Trends

How to Save Money on Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends without spending an absolute fortune can be quite difficult, especially considering how fast seasonal trends change. What’s in this summer this year won’t necessarily be in next summer, so for those of us who are fashion conscious it’s a pretty hard task keeping up with the times not […]